In Vedic mythology, Kali is the chief Shakti: the divine mother, the destroyer of evil, the master of death and time. Lebanon Hanover’s ambitious latest video for their track “Come Kali Come” invokes the protection of Dakshina Kālikā with a hypnotic chant, opening with a quivering theremin emitting the sound of radio waves; sitar-esque guitar, sinister whispers, and William Maybelline’s bellowing croon.

The video, directed by Tamas Mesmer and featuring mesmerizing British dancer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, depicts a figure in various landscapes, rising from Mother Earth and opening channels of energy. A mysterious floating vision appears in the sky. Despite two completely different landscapes – one Earthly, one seemingly extraterrestrial, the dance is identical, the connection undeniable. Kali is the ultimate protector of her children, and these sacred dances evoke the need for her intervention. Part David Lynch, part Marina Abramovic, part Kate Bush, this vision of Kali’s incarnation brings chills and awe…it is a marvelous work of performance art, dance, and musical collaboration.

Watch the video below:

Come Kali Come is a perfect closer for Sci-Fi Sky, Lebanon Hanover’s most experimental album to date, an otherworldly beacon of hope in a time of sheer darkness. Sci-Fi Sky is out now via Fabrika Records.

The album can be purchased here.

Live Dates (additional dates will be added soon).

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  • Nov 05 Mascotte Club, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nov 06 Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Nov 10 Kablys, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Nov 11 Sveta Baar, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Nov 19 Kulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
  • Nov 20 Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Nov 21 Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Nov 27 Whelan’s, Dublin, Ireland
  • Nov 28, Voodoo, Belfast, North Ireland
  • Dec 03 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
  • Dec 04 The Black Lab, Lille, France


  • Jan 14, Niebo, Warsaw, Poland
  • Jan 15, Hala Forum, Krakow, Poland
  • Jan 20, Le Molotov, Marseille, France
  • Jan 21, Sala WOLF, Barcelona, Spain
  • Jan 22, Copérnico, Madrid, Spain
  • Feb 02 – Place TBC – Bogota, Colombia
  • Feb 04 + 05 , Indie Forum, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Feb 08, Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
  • Feb 11, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Canada
  • Feb 12, Théâtre Fairmount, Montreal, Canada
  • Mar 04,  Komsonavt , St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Mar 05,  Mutabors , Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Mar 16, Ampere, Muffatwerk, Munich, Germany
  • Mar 17, Grelle Forelle, Vienna, Austria
  • Mar 18, Kasarne Kulturpark, Bratislava
  • Mar 19, Akwarium, Budapest, Hungary
  • Mar 26th, Festsaal kreuzberg, Berli, Germany
  • Mar 27th, Salon IKSV, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Apr 1, Vinile, Bassano del Grappa, Italy
  • Apr 2, Black Hole, Milano, Italy
  • Apr 16, De Casino, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • Apr 22, Tank, Bologna, Italy
  • Apr 23, Lizard Club, Caserta, Italy

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