The days of Summer have given way to Autumn as the year ebbs into a darker season. It is with this in mind, that Greek Darkwave act Reflection Black returns in the aftermath of Halloween and with their 2nd single “Let The Spirit”, which made its audio debut on October 31st, but now sees its video release as Day of the Dead comes to close on November 2nd.

The song and video both celebrate the burning spirit of Samhain, and pay tribute to those souls who have passed on, now free from the material plane.

With symbolic references to the Greek legend of Icarus, Reflection Black channel the mythology into their own modern interpretation. The ambitious spirit here is rewarded with its triumphant, fiery flight to the sun. Not in vain or an exercise in hubris but a fulfillment of an individual’s one and only true destiny.

The song is a synth-laden darkwave jam, featuring deep sonorous otherworldly vocals, that soar over crystalline guitar parts, and dreamy iridescent synths, evoking a bridge between light and dark, or visions of when the veil between lift and death is at its thinnest.

Watch the video for “Let The Spirit” below:

Reflection Black is the manifestation of mastermind’s Elis Alex musical visions, originating from the urban landscapes of Athens, Greece. The band delivers melodic and polished Goth Rock and Post-Punk style with a modern 21st-century edge and drawing on a rich pallet of influences ranging from classic 80s New-Wave and Goth, to Glam, Punk, and Heavy Metal

Originally conceived in late 2019, Reflection Black honed its artistic vision during the 2020-2021 pandemic—a time where the overwhelming limitations of lockdown could be transformed into the strangest inspiration.

With a number of singles being released and still underway, the band’s full-length album looms on the horizon.

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