Shannon Hemmett of Vancouver’s post-punk outfit, ACTORS, has branched out on her own with a dreamy, introspective darkwave dream, called LEATHERS. The visual artist and musician recently signed a deal with Artoffact Records and returns with a gorgeous collection of her previously released singles and the new titular track: the EP is entitled Reckless.

In 2016, LEATHERS assembled at Jacknife Sound and heralded the whirring rush of Missing Scene, a heady concoction blending the essence of early 4AD Cocteau Twins, punctuated with addictive hooks. Hemmett is an enthralling presence in video, utilizing her artistic eye in captivating, simple videos rife with symbolism.

Watch the video for Missing Scene below:

A year later, the track Day For Night followed, a softer, glittering hue with a mesmerizing, self-directed video.

Phantom Heart arrived next, a melody steeped in cinematic synth and galvanic, motorik beats. Hemmett’s velvet vocals take centre stage on this track, a somnambulant dreamscape straddling the realms of fantasy and reality. Reckless, the latest single, is a progressive earworm that is intelligent, catchy, and highly emotional, enveloped in luscious synth.

LEATHERS is currently working on a debut full-length for Toronto’s Artoffact Records and will tour in support of the album in 2022. Reckless is an intriguing collection of sheer sonic bliss.

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