Lauer is no stranger to the art of a pop song. With two decades into the game, the Frankfurt-based producer understands the beauty of a melodic hook, an addictive synth line awash in darkness. His new album, Answers 2 Trouble, is a study in Italo-disco and synthwave elements: music for sunset drives with the top down or for dance parties in the blistering night heat. The song “Ghost” featuring vocals by Jasnau is the most spooky from the LP, a nugget of darkwave perfection.

“Ghost” is an addictive song that proves the mastery of Lauer in its production (he uses all vintage gear). With moody synths and an undeniable beat, it is reminiscent of the epic synthpop proportions that fellow German bands Propaganda and Mysterious Art delivered in the 1980s. The video, in shades of grey, begins with a scene straight out of Poltergeist as paranoia ensues for the main character (notice framed photos of the elusive Lauer in the background). Confused, or just simply terrified, the subject keeps encountering the bright image of a figure that appears in dimly lit alleyways. Is it a ghost or just a figment of his imagination—a residue from past memory?

Answers 2 Trouble is available from Permanent Vacation on vinyl and digital via Bandcamp. Stream below:

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