During the throes of pandemic-induced grief, the only true form of progression is honesty. This new land rising above the churning waters of sorrow is the basis for “Desire”, a new track from England’s Cruel Blue. Desire, the heart of the forthcoming EP, is a brimming well of euphoric paranoia and four on the floor beats. Reminiscent of Boy Harsher, Panther Modern, Depeche Mode, and New Order, the darkwave track, clocking in just under five and a half minutes, is a melancholic masterpiece.

Brought together out of a love of New Order, Drab Majesty and Tears For Fears, the English electronic group formed in 2019, seeking fresh ideas nestled in the darker edges of dance music.

“Cruel Blue is a manifesto of letting go, finding a way to forgive yourself for just enough time that your prepared to dance through the grief,” says the band.

The video for “Desire”, directed by Harry Steel, is a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic wonderland of glitch, dance, and sombre delivery. Feast your eyes below:

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