For the first time ever, Los Angeles-based darkwave artist Qyburn is releasing his album Wax Mask on CD and cassette tape, via UK-based indie goth label Matriarch Records. Qyburn has already released an astonishing three LPs in a year. And now, the fourth shall be unleashed in physical format: the enigmatic, sinister Wax Mask.

With a heavy emphasis on soundscapes and ambience, Qyburn offers a fresh cinematic take on the classic goth sound with elements of staccato chiptune, fused with the eerie synth vein of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and Jean-Michel Jarre. Qyburn’s evocative, resonant vocals tie it all together.

“I’ve been trying to find a home for its physical release. I couldn’t ask to be collaborating with a better label than Matriarch Records,” says Qyburn. “The Matriarch has been endlessly supportive throughout this entire process, and she’s really put together an amazing package for these tapes and CDs. I hope people will enjoy it, and can look forward to more exciting announcements from me coming soon.”

Matriarch Records is a one-woman-owned label that seeks to promote primarily female, genderqueer, and LGBT+ artists.

“The idea behind Matriarch Records was to create a safe and inclusive space in the alternative community, whether that’s Goth, Metal or Punk,” says The Matriarch. “The music industry is still male-dominated and I want to make an effort to change that.”

Listen to Wax Mask below:

Matriarch will also offer a limited-edition t-shirt featuring artwork by designer Simone Nieves.

Order Qyburn’s Wax Mask here.


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