Many nights I knew your touch, and we feel the same
All is lost without you, and I conceal the shame

Philadelphia synth-pop duo Korine invoke lovelorn synthpop dreams with their brilliant album, The Night We Raise. Their latest single, The Last, is a delicious confection comprised of the sublime and the melancholy, the past and the future.

Korine, comprised of Trey Frye and Morgy Ramone, deliver music with soul and heart. Their music embraces all the beautiful light and darkness of the human experience. They evoke the uneasiness of society and the collective drive to balance the divine spectrum of masculine and feminine, blending together in poetic harmony. They’re introspective, but their optimism persists as their synths float magnificently in the ether, bringing to mind the cerebral lyrics of Tears For Fears, Chameleons, and Teardrop Explodes. Their sound is a warm hug from the past, a faded memory of a point in time, with strong vocals grounding their ethereal backing soundscapes.

Korine has been a favourite of Post-Punk for some time now, making our Current Synthpop Acts You Should Know list earlier last year, and was in the top five of our best of 2020. The Night We Raise is a masterpiece; it is easily one of 2020’s best synthpop albums, weaving new wave nostalgia with a modern pop sensibility as they juxtapose upbeat rhythms against melancholy lyrics.

The Night We Raise is out on vinyl and cassette, via Born Losers Records (US) and Data Airlines (FR). Other Voices Records in Russia will be exclusively handling the CD.

Watch the video for The Last, Directed by Wayne Moreheart, below:

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