“To the stars, we will ascend.”

Just in time for the summer apocalypse, Kansas City darkwavers Emmaline Twist present “ASPERA”, their new menacing new single to dance your way through the End Times. With a sound akin to ACTORS, Editors, and at times The Horrors, the band continues to make their own unique mark with their thoughtful lyrics and skilled songcraft.

Emmaline Twist continues to explore darkwave and post-punk, with shoegaze textures and vocals that acknowledge the dread and trepidation of current times. There is, however, hope.

“ASPERA conveys the push and pull we are all feeling right now as we try to return to a feeling of normal…yet we keep getting shoved back,” the band explains. “Ultimately, we grow together and are triumphant, and this song is an anthem for that tension.”

They also released a lyric video for the track; a wormhole romp right out of the three-dimensional world.

Watch below:

Emmaline Twist first emerged in January 2016, releasing their first 7” single on eat.hear.records in July 2017, and their first full-length vinyl album on Kansas City record label co-op Black Site in August 2018.

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