Berlin’s hypnotic post-punk act Kamoos have been unleashing their own brand of sultry, dissonant music for the last two years. Their latest single, Orang-Utans, is out now.

Kamoos have been sitting on this tune for some time, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash what Juliette considers her “beautifully haunting brain-child.” The gamble paid off: the song is a powerful, twisted journey through poetic lyricism and hypnotically driven music. Orang-Utans tells a damning tale of the future using a language of the past.

The black and white video, shot by Juliette during the Covid-19 lockdown, captures her own unique perspective. The images of masked citizens, pandemic chic, and your run-of-the-mill apocalypse match the magnetic, eerie music, which “accompanies the listener on journeys through rivers of blood and snow in dusty beaches and into caves where virgin maids weave our end…”

Founded by sultry, charismatic London-born frontwoman, Juliette Wallace, Kamoos has released three singles, Ice CreamXray Me and Slow Demise (of the Brain and the Bust), with the independent Berlin label Duchess Box Records. The band has gone through various configurations, with each new member bringing out something different in Wallace’s unique and catchy writing style. Wallace’s emotive, soulful voice grounds the entire outfit. Today, two of the Three Marias, Francesco Calore and Jamie Holland, make up the guitar section of the group whilst Josephine Oleak (Voodoo Beach), plays drums.

Check out Orang-Utans below:

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