20 word detonation

Enter left: The Twilight Clone

Yes, yes you’re in control

Drool drips from your lower lip

And now for something completely different.

EMP, a newly formed punk/jazz fusion band based in Houston, Texas, unleashes a far-out tune: their dazzling debut release Smell Ya L8R, streaming now and due for release later in 2022 via Geodesic Records.

Their overall sound is difficult to pinpoint because there’s literally so many influences: there are essences of everyone from the exotic stylings of lounge king Martin Denny to the psychedelic shoegaze of The Veldt in the openers; we hear the spaced-out weirdness of electronic pioneer Bruce Haack; the primal witchiness of Exuma.

Just when you get hypnotized by the chill Lounge Lizard,  he gets yanked off stage with a vaudeville hook as they launch into pure punk channeling Killing Joke and Black Flag, with the fiery track “Kool-Aid”. Then it’s back to funky bass grounding the manic xylophones and bizarre guitar noodling, taking the listener straight on to outer space on the sidecar to Sun-Ra’s mothership. It makes no sense, nor should it really. It’s a welcome antidote to the doom and gloom of the present tense. Love it, love it, love it.

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Smell Ya L8R is available now on cassette and all streaming platforms.

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