Italian shoegaze/post-punk trio Be Forest are joining forces with the Italian-American imprint We Were Never Being Boring (aka WWNBB Collective) for the release of their third full-length Knocturne.

Ahead of the album’s release, the band have shared Knocturne’s “Bengala”-

“Bengala is the spotlight that lights up the stage after the curtains open; a celestial body which at the moment of its impact allows us to glimpse our surroundings — it’s the brightest point, the north of the compass. This is, though, only ONE of the coordinates of Knocturne. Perhaps the most reassuring.”

For Knocturne, Be Forest have enlisted Steve Scanu to assist with production and mixing duties and recruited Josh Bonati (Mac DeMarco, Zola Jesus, David Lynch) for mastering.

The dreamlike production shines through on “Bengala”,  a dream-pop tour to force that sonically sounds like a cool breath of air filling the lungs while sinking into a shimmering chasm of water and light.

Additionally, there is a video for the album’s opening track “ATTO I” which you can watch below.

Knocturne is out February 8th via We Were Never Being Boring.

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