Italian darkwave duo iamnoone premiere their music video for Aggressive, the first track off their upcoming debut album “A Primitive Trinitas” out February 29th on Cold Transmission Records.

Almost a year after “Duplex”, their forthcoming album “offers two more perspectives. One points to the primal instinct, the flesh, the senses, while the other aims at a deeper knowledge, more metaphysical, where the same instincts, the same flesh, and the same senses are somehow projected to a more subtle status of existence”. Marlat and Seth feel “these perspectives exist at the same time within us, intertwined and symbiotic”.

Watch the new video here:

Aggressive echoes with the lines “Passive” and “Aggressive!” over a deeply driving bassline and minimal synths. The ritualistic monotony of the instrumentals, vocals, and visuals drives home the monotony of our existence. Our senses remain trapped by the obvious and the overt.

iamnoone challenges us to question the black and white duality within ourselves. There are more than just two possible answers to the question of our animalistic natures and the entirety of “A Primitive Trinitas” leaves us to wonder “do the answers really matter?”. Do the questions really matter? We all die alone, after all.

I – the one entity we become through music

am – we feel, therefore we are

no one – nobody, but also no one in particular

Maybe in everyone there is a no one.


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