Club-ready Coldwave solo outfit Mareux, has announced his new record ‘Predestiny‘,—coming out on April 10th as the inaugural release on newly created LA-based label, I HEARD IT IN PARIS.

The first single, “Spectral Tease” is brilliantly brooding, hypnotic, pulsing track, perfect for dancefloor dissociation and a long night’s drive along an ocean lined highway.

Regarding writing this mesmerizing track, Mareux has stated:

“I really felt the music this time around, and it made me want to write about seduction, drinking wine, and chasing a love affair with a ghost. I think its a really fun song and a lot different from the typically hopeless tunes I write.”

Listen to “Spectral Tease” below:

“Spectral Tease” is now available digitally via Mareux’s official Bandcamp here.

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