I am trying to understand
All your crimes, all your lies to the very end

Italian synth-duo Sun’s Spectrum has unveiled their video for “Last Time”, a catchy darkwave tune ripe for the dance floor. Originally written by Jonny Bergman of Nomotion, Sun’s Spectrum re-arranged and reinterpreted the track with their own style and unique energy. It’s a dark danceable banger with a lot of momentum, thundering vocals, and shivering frosty synths.  The song is a perfect blend of darkwave and gothic rock, straddling that shadowy line between The Sisters of Mercy and Rosetta Stone.

The cinematic video, directed by Sergio Cinghiale and starring Johnny Bergman himself, blends live band performance with a compelling action movie narrative. Rife with suspense and gorgeous cinematography, it’s a wonderful illustration of the intensity of the track.

Watch the video below:

Sun’s Spectrum, comprised of Daniele Iannacone (keyboards, programming) and Livio Caenazzo (guitars, vocals), blends reverb-soaked darkwave, industrial, and Detroit techno elements in their music. Despite the sunny name, they inject a hefty dose of darkness into their intense compositions.

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