Italian Coldwave Act eNiB the solo project of NiB EoS, the singer of Roman post-punk band Echoes of Silence,  has unveiled his video for “Lost”, the second official music video from CUT, out now through Brazillian label Wave Records.

The video was edited by LEXX GRAVE utilizing Images from the classic 1960 French surrealist horror film “Les Yeux sans visage”, which famously translates into English as “Eyes Without a Face”.

The song is stark minimal wave brushed over with buoyant reverb enveloping the vocals, synths, and drums machines, conjurings dreamlike visions that flutter like a haunted sleepwalk into an ocean of dark sounds.

Watch the video below:

In addition to “Lost”, which certainly sounds like it was restored off an obscure vinyl by an 80s synth aficionado, eNib’s debut solo álbum “Cut” includes eight more dancefloor-friendly tracks, with songs such as “No Way Out”, “Limbo”, and the titular “Cut” standing out in particular.

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