Who let you live my life?
It’s broken…

The third single from Irish musician pMad, “Broken”, is an honest glimpse of the trials of modern life. The sweeping, emotional track has a dark, yet uplifting, sonic intensity…the brightness at the end of a tunnel; the light of dawn creeping through a rugged landscape.

“None of us are built without cracks or faults; we all hurt, we are all human. Acknowledgment of this will save us.”

pMad, né Paul Dillon, relates to the lyrics deeply, feeling connection in a state of brokenness, knowing everyone feels similarly after periods of strife: “Knowing and understanding that, and being comfortable with that, is the way to save ourselves,” he asserts. “Trying to keep up with everyone else, just leaves us behind, we are who we are.”

During the pandemic Paul remotely collaborated with Zedakube Recording (Ireland), Protonaut Studio (Germany) and Elith Mastering Labs (Mexico), making the idea of connection within an isolated state the literal platform upon which his upcoming album was created.  It is due for release later in 2022.

The track is accompanied by a visual masterpiece of a DIY video that follows the struggle of humanity. Featuring a cast of androgynous youths with tattooed slogans intercut with protest footage, it is a visual document of frailty and perseverance.

Watch the video below:

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