Dublin’s Ava Vox presents a slow-paced haunting hymn: “Alone Again”, a tale about the horrible cycle of abuse and manipulation, that comes off her forthcoming debut album Immortalised.

Ava Vox is no stranger to penning lyrics about heavy topics: her recent cascading post-punk single “Crash” sent an ominous warning about environmental devastation with a visualization of a crashing world. With “Alone Again”, she continues channeling the passion of Sinéad O’Connor with the raw delivery of Patti Smith. Ava Vox’s powerful voice and gravitas cuts through the fog of deception, and brings us to that awful emotional crossroads of vulnerability. With a unique vocal timbre and commanding delivery with a dash of goth and post-punk, her musical style ranges from slow melodic atmospherics to dynamic gothic rock.

“The song is about an abusive relationship, where the victim eventually gets the courage to escape from their abuser,” says Ava Vox. “Once away, they realise it was the right thing to do for them, and they feel happy and safe at last. But then the abuser lures them back again, saying they will change, it will never happen again.”

Listen below:

This song features bassist James Blennerhassett (Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful) and drummer Robbie Casserly (Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler). Immortalised was produced by Ray McLoughlin (Frank Black, Rick Astley). Alone Again is streaming now on Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp. The full Immortalised album will be released on March 25.

A Dublin native, Ava Vox (real name Elaine Hannon) now lives in County Meath. After a few decades of various musical projects such as 80s goth band The Seventh Veil, her ‘Ava Vox’ persona emerged in September 2020. In early 2021, Ava Vox debuted with a cover of Love Song by The Cure, and the single Strange Days, which included her rendition of “Tainted Love” and “Life on Mars”.

And check out the video for the previous single “Crash”:

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