Los Angeles dream-pop trio Glaare are following up 2017’s brilliant To Deaf And Day LP with a brand new album later this year, and ahead of the release shine darkly in strobed shadows with their hauntingly beautiful video for “Mirrors”.

The song evokes all the allure of late 80s and early 90s shoegaze infused acts such as Medicine and Curve, augmented by Rachael’s beguiling and unparalleled vocals, yet shatters tropes and expectations while reflecting a sonic evolution in sound with this formidable composition.

On the single’s Jungian and Manichean subject matter:

“We went to a fairly literal interpretation in making Mirrors’ visual companion rather than obscuring some far-flung overly complicated story. We got lucky in using some footage shot with Iphi, (Foie Gras) that helped drive the narrative of duality in facing your Mirror, or someone that you may identify within a toxic relationship.

There’s a mirror that everyone has that’s trapped behind glass. Or even a room full of mirrors and light balls.”

Watch the video for Glaare’s “Mirrors” below:

The video for “Mirrors” was directed/edited/designed by Brandon Pierce, and stars Rachael Pierce and Iphigenia (Foie). The camera work was provided by Bryan Sowell & Tyler Curran.

Makeup courtesy of Blake Armstrong, and art direction by Nedda Afsari & Rex Elle.

Glaare’s second full-length album Your Hellbound Heart is scheduled for release during the Summer of 2020 through legendary Belgian label Weyrd Son records.

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