Australian duo HTRK have been flirting with a new record for some time now, and have just offered up another pair of tracks today as a digital single via Ghostly International. The tracks are currently available to listen via streaming platforms as well as to purchase through Ghostly’s webstore.

Sonically, the songs continue where last June’s Drama single left off. “Dying of Jealousy” begins with a voluptuous, delay-ridden beat, setting the tone for the track’s percussive tone. As the track progresses, subtle trails of guitar supplement the song’s innate sensuality, drenched in enough effect that you can hear the slightest movement on the frets, a delicious and welcome treat. The equally captivating “Summer Rain” rounds out the single with a similarly hypnotic beat, dressed with warm synth pads and dub rhythms worth swimming in forever.

The title track comes complete with a lyric video by sleepybaby93, with photos by Kate Meakin. The video helps drive home the central themes of jealousy, betrayal, and power as explored throughout Jonnine Standish’s lyrics and the duo’s intoxicating late-night soundscape.

HTRK will be celebrating the new single with a live performance on Saturday, December 1st in Melbourne, with a DJ set by NYC’s Blazer. Check here for details, and view the album art and purchasing links below:

HTRK- Dying of Jealousy
1. Dying of Jealousy
2. Summer Rain

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Photo by Kate Meakin

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