In fire

We breathe

In fire

The last is seen

Within our souls, existence can seem like a horror film. Gr^ve took several bold steps with their latest single, In Fire: the band shed their cloak of anonymity to appear for the first time on video, and the subject of the song takes inspiration from inner child shadow work as well as the 80s horror classic, “Poltergeist”.

In this track, the antagonist sings the internal and external doubts, fed to the inner child through mass media. “The song is about the dark thoughts and doubts we tell ourselves that hold us back and ultimately in that state of discomfort the strength to breathe and persevere,” says the band.

Little is known about this band, information about them is sparse and cryptic – and perhaps they’ve liked it this way. The mystery does add to the intrigue of their persona.

In Fire is a masterpiece in minimalist poetry, with sonic roots in 90s grunge as well as late 80s-early 90s Britpop. The video is a haunting visualization of the corruption of the mind from childhood up with dark messages clouding a sunny imagination, signaling the end of innocence. A harrowing tale, beautifully filmed.

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