“Time standing still
Not anymore healing anything
But during dreamtime
The synapses come alive”

Reflection Black is the manifestation of the musical visions of one Elis Alex (Ravencult, Nigredo). Originating from the urban landscapes of Athens, Greece.  Reflection Black updates the goth genre into the dark, mystical atmosphere of the 21st century by layering synths and intertwining them with intricate guitars and melodic vocal hooks.  The band draws from The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission,  bringing to mind the modern sound of present acts She Past Away, Drab Majesty, and Twin Tribes.

Reflection Black’s  lethargic second single, “Yet Unseen Colours,” comes off of their debut album, Last Stop To Nowhere (Swiss Dark Nights). As he sings about escaping the cold senses through dreamy images, he is accompanied by a dark, low-tempo, post-punk ballad enriched with synth elements and elegant fills. The result is dark, fast, and polished, striking the perfect balance between dreamy synth lines, crystalline guitars, and infectious vocal hooks.

Yet Unseen Colours serves as an anthemic interlude and an introduction to the following track of the album but it is by no means a filler track,” says Alex. “It is the most emotionally intense track…talking about the exploration of alternate sensory realities through dreams, and the escape from the dull reality of everyday senses.”

The song comes with a psychedelic lyric video by John Kaimakamis. Sing along below:

“Yet Unseen Colours” was produced by George Emmanuel (Lucifer’s Child, Rotting Christ) of Pentagram Studio, with vocals recorded with Sokratis Bebis.

Reflection Black released their debut 3-track EP “Entering Dreamtime” in May 2022 through Razorbleed Productions.

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