“I don’t know where I belong.”

Enigmatic German EBM solo artist THBX, has announced the release of “Belong,” a frenetic, synth-sculpted soundscape emulating the speeding loop of anxiety and loss of self. The song is out now via Infravox Records.

THBX has made their name as a DJ in rural Germany and in Berlin, but has been switching focus on productions, resulting in this mysterious track. Blending droll, dissociated vocals over cold-wave, and EBM beats, the minimalistic song is illustrated with a self-directed video clip of a night ride in the back of a car.

Their sound brings to mind Kraftwerk with a dash of Skinny Puppy, Alien Sex Fiend, and A Split-Second. “Belong” is the perfect “drive through the night and brood about life” soundtrack.

Watch the video for “Belong” below:

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