Greece’s post-punk legends Lefki Symphonia draw us a nice relaxing bath with Black Twilight, the latest video from their fifth studio album, San Ton Ilio/Like The Sun. Lefki Symphonia’s new offerings bring their classic darkwave/post punk style solidly up to date; they have not rested on their laurels, they are willing to experiment and explore sensitive melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes, with psychedelic and progressive flavours peppered with Gothic sculptural guitars.

Formed in 1984 in Athens, Greece, Lefki Symphonia went on to release four albums, appear in numerous compilations, and tour continental Europe during 1986-2000. Led by Theodoros Dimitriou and backed by guitarist Kostas Mihalos, bassist Diogenis Chatzistefanidis, and drummer Vangelis Tsimplakis, Lefki Symphonia released their first album, Mistiki Kipi (Secret Gardens), in April 1986.

Lefki Symphonia then made history as the first Greek band to appear on MTV, in 1988 with the song Kitazontas Piso (Looking Back). The following year, the band played two concerts in Barcelona and participated in the Biennal ’87 album with I Vrohi Pefti Dinata (The Rain Is Falling Hard). The second album, entitled Iho Tou Pothou (Echo Of Desire) was released in 1988.

In 1990 the band relocated to Berlin, where they recorded their third album, Lefki Symphonia, released in 1993. The band also supported Metallica in Athens around this time.

In June 1996 Lefki Symphonia released their fourth album, Hromata (Colours). Following this release, the band took a twenty year hiatus from recording. They appeared live at Piraeus 117 Academy in Athens in 2017 and soon got the touring bug again, touring major Greek cities and working on new material. By 2020 they had recorded a set of ten darkly intense, romantic songs, which culminated in Lefki Symphonia’s fifth album,  San Ton Ilio/Like The Sun,  released in April of this year by Labyrinth of Thoughts Records & The Lab records.

Mehri Ton Thanato (Until Death) and  San Ton Ilio (Like The Sun) are out now on streaming and video platforms.

Enjoy this mysterious, sensuous video for Black Twilight.


  1. Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death
  2. Me Mia Kravgi/With A Scream
  3. Mavro Fos/Black Light
  4. Dream Within A Dream
  5. Svise Ta Ihni/Erase The Signs
  6. San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun
  7. Hronia Siopila/Silent Years
  8. Minima/Message
  9. Dakri/Tear
  10. Eki Pu O Anemos Rotai Gia Esena/There Where The Wind Is Asking For You

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