Gothic-rock super group Beauty in Chaos premiere their video for “Storm” featuring Ashton Nyte of The Awakening and also of MGT with Mark Gemini Thwaite.

The video was directed by Vicente Cordero from Industrialism Films.

Beauty in Chaos is a collective of iconic artists such Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Pete Parada (The Offspring), DUg Pinnick (Kings X), ICE-T (Body Count), Michael Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel – Michael Aston), Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and many more.

Curated by LA-based guitarist MICHAEL CIRAVOLO, the project’s debut album ‘Finding Beauty in Chaos’ will be released September 28th

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“Working with Michael and Ashton was a marvelous journey from start to finish, when they approached me they presented me with a song that completely blew me away and to this day is probably one of the best songs I have ever had the pleasure to work with, over the next couple weeks we melded our minds, passion, hard work and vision and forged a magnificent video which we are all proud of. Tte song had a theme of “through the storm we will always find a light” which meant to all of us through all the hardships and chaos and failures there will be a light that we will always strive for when in our darkest times.” – Vicente Cordero

“I had met with a few other video directors prior to meeting Vicente, and they seemed to immediately latch on to storm in the literal sense .. wind, rain, etc. Ashton and I talked at length about how to ‘present’ ‘Storm’ in a visual context and that was certainly not the direction we wanted. Ashton writes amazing lyrics, which is why our collaborations come together so easily in my opinion; sounds and textures working in context with lyrics. I may be in the minority as a guitarist, but I don’t feel his words are there to simply setup a guitar solo! We are acutely aware that ‘storms’ come into everyone’s life at some point. We worked closely with Vicente to set up some scenes and situations to exemplify that in a cinematic way with elements we had available. The line ‘there is always a light’ is very important to this song and we wanted to leave what the ‘light’ is open to the viewer interpretation. We are simply thrilled with how Vicente helped us visually portray this with just a dab of rock n’ roll elements” – Michael Ciravolo
“Storm is essentially a song about seeking a light in the proverbial dark, destructive and tediously distracting world we find ourselves in. I liked the visual idea of creating a performance space that was undefined, atmospheric and indicative of the turmoil of a storm, without being too literal. For narrative, we added a selection of vignettes that deal with some of the frustrations, diversions and temptations of the modern world. This is what we went to director Vicente Cordero with and we are absolutely delighted with the work that he and his wonderful team at Industrialism Films have created” – Ashton Nyte

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