Crooning Gothic Rock outfit Black Angel, a project formed by English musician and Producer Matt Vowles has a classic sound taking inspiration by such scene heroes such as Bauhaus, Sisters, Damned, Cult, Xmal Deutschland and more!

“The 80’s and have always been in the blood.” says Vowles, “I started Black Angel a year ago and wrote our first album The Widow. We’ve had some great reactions to it so far and are now midway through Kiss of Death our second album.”

On the band’s single Poison, taken from the LP The Widow, Volwes explains:

“‘Poison’ tells the story of a girl being stalked by a male predator. Once cornered she transforms into a vampire and makes her kill. I have always been inspired by film noir and although this isn’t black and white, it does have the film noir ‘twist’ ending – or at least that’s what we were hoping to achieve.”“The video was shot in Los Angeles. We found a great actress Veronica who was totally game for running around the streets of Downtown LA screaming whilst being chased. We got some odd looks and fortunately, people clocked it fairly quickly that we were making some kind of movie.”

Watch the video below:

Black Angel are releasing a deluxe version of The Widow next month featuring extra live tracks and club mixes.

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