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German Post-Punk band Unhappybirthday Premiere Their Video for “Niederung”

German post-punk band UnhappyBirthday have premiered the video for “Niederung”—a song taken from their latest album Schaum which was released on tapete records last September.

The lyrics are inspired by the novella “Devotion” by German author Botho Strauß. The video is an exploration on negative space, directed by New York artist Austin Johnson / breaking.

“Going into this film we really only knew that it was going to be an environmental film and that the light was going to be the main subject. Once in the space where we were filming it quickly turned into a process of experimentation and collaboration between myself, Christian Johnson and Nick Shultz We had a lot fun finding new shots and compositions, ways to position and play with the light and interesting ways to tell a story.”

In addition to “Niederung”, there is a Sally Dige video for the track “Tennu”, another song featured on the languid LP that is Schaum.

Schaum is a unique experience, being a dreamlike record that engulfs the listener in soft sauntering melodies and lyrics in songs such as “Carlyle”, “Kane”, and “Sou” that transform the German language into sounds than make rainfall seem jarring by comparison.

Ordering and album details can be found here

Dates of the European tour starting in February:
  • 05.02.2019 CZ Prague, Underdogs
  • 06.02.2019 DE Dresden, Ostpol
  • 07.02.2019 DE Stuttgart, Merlin
  • 08.02.2019 DE Trier, Exhaus
  • 09.02.2019 DE Freiburg, Slowclub
  • 10.02.2019 IT Milan, Ligera
  • 12.02.2019 FR Paris, Mains d’Œuvres
  • 13.02.2019 UK London, The Waiting Room
  • 14.02.2019 NL Amsterdam, Garage Noord

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