Experimental darkwave act Sheebaba, is a Mainz, Germany duo comprised of Eliott Eccho & Prof. Costello, who explores the margins of genre with their unique brand of noise, poetry & drum loops. Together, the pair create art-rock, goth, and industrial music that is both fuzzy and glitchy and unparalleled in how it meshes with their conceptual performance art while maintaining its catchy and captivating melodic hooks.

The band stands firmly against hate, embracing all colors of the rainbow and all spectrums of identity, and their visual presentation highlights this mantra by being both bizarre and inclusive.

Identity and the notion of being “who you are” in an altered state of mind is the theme in their new single “Big Bull”, a dark kinetic spiral of cavernous drumbeats, mesmerizing guitar distortion, and sonorous vocals that invoke the feeling of being possessed.

As the band explains,

“[Big Bull is] a song about becoming someone else through a potion (whatever that may be). Are we really more like our real selves when we “loosen up” through alcohol or other drugs? Or do we become a distorted version of our true self? These are the questions that are being raised lyrically over the repetitive distorted drum loop, culminating in a powerful choir that ends with the phrase “and I become myself” …whoever that may be. The laughing sample that plays during the outro is taken from Elvira Weishaupt’s Slaughterhouse Monologue in “In a Year of 13 Moons” (1979) by R.W. Fassbender.“

Watch the video for “Big Bull” below:

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Photo by Greta Fay

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