Avant-garde Artwavers Sheebaba Debut Stop-Motion Style Animated Video for “Marguerite”

You wear your sunglasses while watching TV

Enter the avant-garde realm of Sheebaba, the brainchild of Eliott Eccho & Prof.Costello. Born in the vibrant confines of an art space, Sheebaba calls Mainz & Köln, DE, its home, with a nod to its roots in Luxembourg, LU.  Sheebaba is noise, thoughts, and drum loops woven together with genre-bending brilliance. Think art wave meets experimental with a dash of industrial glitch thrown in for good measure.

They’re loud, conceptual, and performative—all while painting with the broad strokes of the rainbow. But perhaps most importantly, Sheebaba stands as a defiant beacon against hate, using its artistry to challenge norms and break boundaries. Immerse yourself in the world of Sheebaba and let its unapologetic creativity speak for itself.

marguerite” is the third single of Sheebaba’s upcoming EP radau. In this song, our granny heroine dons sunglasses indoors to alleviate her persistent headaches. The lyrics serve as a heartfelt reflection on aging and memory, weaving a tale that explores the bond between Eliott and her grandmother.

Marguerite makes a grand entrance with its angular groove, subtly shifting gears as it progresses. The track takes unexpected turns, with a spoken word bridge emerging, seamlessly transforming into a pulsating beat. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Normal, Grauzone, and Kraftwerk, Marguerite hypnotizes with its lyrics, layered over industrial percussion and melody. As the song reaches its peak, it’s a sonic whirlwind, building to a crescendo that leaves you breathless.

If you’re paying close attention, you’ll catch a poignant nod to Anna Calvi’s “don’t beat the girl out of my boy.” However, in Sheebaba’s rendition, the message is clear: “don’t beat the boy out of my girl.” It’s a bold statement of queer and feminist empowerment, woven into the fabric of the track with unmistakable intent.

“The song can be seen as a homage to the strong women in our families,” says Professor Costello. “Eliott wrote this song a while ago and it took us a long time to finish as it went through various versions and titles but we are proud to show the final result with this animated video.”

Marguerite comes to life through a beautiful video directed and stop-motion style animated by Paulo Bras and Océane Maître. In this tale, the inner monologue of an elderly woman intersect with the band and their music. Adding to the retro vibe, Tim Zerban’s analogue processing gives the video a nostalgic, VHS-like quality. This deliberate aesthetic choice ties Marguerite seamlessly to Sheebaba’s catalogue of glitchy, DIY visuals.

Watch the video for “Marguerite” below:

Since their live debut in the summer of 2021, Sheebaba has graced stages across Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, sharing bills with acclaimed acts like Fatamorgana (ES), Henge (UK), Gustaf (US), Lathe of Heaven (US), and Das Kinn (DE).

Headlining shows in The Hague, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Luzern, and Mainz, Sheebaba have solidified their presence on the live circuit. Their summer 2022 performance at Amsterdam Fashion Week, during Rosa Kampinga’s runway presentation, marked a milestone alongside appearances at festivals and art spaces in Luxembourg and Germany.

In spring 2024, Sheebaba embarked on a small tour with Swiss Drag Queen LaMer as their support act, setting the stage for the release of their upcoming EP “radau”, slated for April 19th. Following this, they’ll join Drahla (UK) for two dates in Germany, alongside Brik Tu-Tok (BE), while also headlining two shows in Luxembourg and Mainz to celebrate the EP’s release.

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