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Listen to Chicago Outfit Anomia Report’s Latest LP “God Laughs: Reflections on the Dark Art of Living for Another Day”

Anomia Report has emerged as a collaborative force, uniting creators, makers, and musicians with a shared history that stretches back to the depths of Chicago’s underground punk scene. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including post-punk icons and heavy metal rebels, as well as the nostalgia of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons, their arc began in 1985. Since then, they’ve continuously evolved, integrating new influences, tools, and techniques into their creative arsenal.

Their newly unveiled LP, God Laughs: Reflections on the Dark Art of Living for Another Day, marks a turning point in their journey. Above all, Anomia Report is driven by two things: connections and a will to create….the members of Anomia Report have never exactly aimed for fame. For the past four years, in fact, this tight-knit group has quietly released four LPs under three different monikers.

“We’ve had some questions,” says lyricist and multi instrumentalist Durak Polezny. “Why does your Spotify say ‘Ænemia Report’?” He laughs. “I don’t have a good answer. We kind of fail at branding, I guess. It’s not really what drives us.”

Musically, the record sees a return to guitar-based, heavy post punk, diverging from the production-oriented sound of 2023’s “Big Electric Remix.” God Laughs is a return to a more live-oriented sound. Lyrically, however, things take a much heavier turn and marks a significant change for the collective. In a departure from the sardonic narrative style of their previous works, “God Laughs” delves into more personal and emotionally charged territory. The album’s lyrics peel back layers, revealing the group’s raw emotions—anger, despair, and a dark, yet sometimes humorous, perspective even in the face of serious subject matter.

“We make the sounds that we’re inspired to make,” says Polezny. “And we’re inspired by each other. Sometimes those are heavy rock tracks like ‘Everyone Dies.’ At other times, they’re spacy piano tunes like ‘I Don’t Have the Words…If you are moved by something, you’ve got to get it out, right? That’s where we start. What comes next is the journey of creation.”

Lister Pew, vocalist and agent provocateur, describes the process as “the most intense artistic experience of my life.”

The opening track When I Crack explores moments of intense pressure and struggle, yet also resilience and determination shine through. Despite overwhelming feelings of isolation, there’s a sense of solidarity in confronting challenges and breaking free. Following this, Next Life delves into a sense of monotony and yearning for change. The speaker feels trapped in a repetitive cycle, longing for the presence of someone significant. However, there’s a palpable readiness for a fresh start, a new chapter, and a renewed sense of belief.

In Old Habits (Part 1), the track takes an unexpected turn with a spoken word interlude, where various voices recite a stern letter dissolving a contract. Jazzy piano and sax solos pepper the piece, creating a peculiar ambiance reminiscent of Fad Gadget and Tuxedomoon. This theme continues in I Ain’t Over It, delving into lingering resentment and regret over past mistreatment. Wasted reflects on lost love and its influence on identity. Check My Pulse recounts a night with old friends, where an unexpected exclusion prompts a supportive intervention. Despite uncertainties, the speaker asserts their vitality and determination.

Everyone Dies ponders the feeling of the world halting and the illusion of control. They question which hardships one wishes would cease and where they’ll find themselves when options dwindle. The refrain emphasizes the inevitability of mortality. I Don’t Have The Words delivers exactly as promised: it is a minimalist song expressing a sense of emptiness and longing. God Laughs pushes us onto a rollercoaster of fortunes, from wealth to poverty, as luck ebbs and flows. Despite playing by the rules and achieving success, unexpected twists leave the protagonist feeling out of control. Ultimately, the song reflects on the inevitability of divine laughter at human folly and ambition. The album concludes with Old Habits (Part 2), leaving us with a sense of unease and discomfortThe repetition of “I can’t feel my face” emphasizes their growing concern and disconnection from their body. Despite questioning if their face is still present, the uncertainty persists.

God Laughs: Reflections on the Dark Art of Living for Another Day is available now for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming on all platforms.

Listen below, and order here.

Their previous experimental forays during the production of The Mycelium Sessions led to more eclectic ideas for song structure and instrumentation. God Laughs: Reflections on the Dark Art of Living for Another Day presents a compelling spectrum of energy and emotion, shifting between moments of restraint and bursts of intensity. Across its eleven tracks, the album offers a fusion of bass-driven, dark alternative rock, enriched by the prominent presence of piano, jazz and Latin influences, and percussive synthesizers.

“We did a lot more production work on The Mycelium Sessions,” Polezny reflects. “It was a way to get more exposure for the Big Electric Eye songs, which we thought were great, and allow for more sonic experimentation. We wanted to turn things on their head and see what we could do.”

“In the end, we’re here trying to make things better, right?” Polezny says. “We all like to laugh. If we don’t come out of this process having created something that is enjoyable, we need to get back to work.”

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