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90s Experimental Rockers Moonshake Reissue Debut Album “Eva Luna” on Deluxe Edition Double Blue Vinyl by Beggars Arkive

In 1991, Moonshake emerged from the collaborative efforts of David Callahan, formerly of The Wolfhounds, and Margaret Fiedler, whose artistic roots trace back to New York. The ensemble quickly solidified with John Frenett bringing his bass skills to the fore and Miguel “Mig” Moreland on drums. Their initial EP, released by Creation Records, marked the beginning of an adventure that would later see them join forces with the Beggars label.

The debut album, Eva Luna, arrived in 1992 to critical acclaim. Drawing from a wide array of musical influences, from Can to Erik B & Rakim, Moonshake’s music was a defiant mosaic that eschewed the confines of genre.

Taking its cue from Isabel Allende’s literary masterpiece, Eva Luna hinted at a depth of lyricism and extraordinary thematic richness. At the heart of Moonshake’s magic was the dynamism between David Callahan and Margaret Fiedler; their unique musical perspectives melded to form an innovative, intriguing sound. On Eva Luna, the songwriting duties are evenly distributed, showcasing the distinct styles of Callahan and Fiedler. Callahan’s contributions are charged with a certain fury, echoing the dissonant chords of post-punk rebellion – as if someone decided to throw the very essence of urban chaos into a blender, set it to ‘bewitch’, and then poured out a record. Truly, it’s like listening to the city’s heartbeat—if the city were in the midst of a particularly thrilling nervous breakdown. Fiedler, on the other hand, brings a different edge to the table—her tracks are just as sharp in their angularity, but are distinguished by a softer touch. Her vocals, often hushed to a near whisper, weave through the music, creating a compelling counterpoint to Callahan’s more aggressive tones.

Add to the mix Guy Fixsen’s engineering wizardry, and you had a record that has stood the test of time.

This dynamic interplay between the two songwriters adds a rich, textured layer to the album, making Eva Luna a study in contrasts and a beautiful homage to the creative synergy at the heart of Moonshake.

Moonshake’s brazen disregard has all the confidence of a cat sauntering where it pleases. Quite frankly, there hasn’t been anything quite like Eva Luna, before or since. One might say, without a hint of exaggeration, that it’s a record that broke the mold, then had the audacity to dance on the pieces.

Listen to Eva Luna below:

The original Moonshake crew parted ways in 1993, each venturing into new musical territories. Fiedler and Frenett teamed up with Fixsen to form Laika, while Callahan kept the Moonshake flame alive with a rotating cast of musicians until the band’s final act in 1997. The legacy of Moonshake’s brief but blazing path through the music scene remains untouched, however.

Beggars Arkive is thrilled to announce the deluxe reissue of Moonshake’s seminal debut album, Eva Luna, masterfully re-mastered from the original analogue ½” tape. This special edition, due out October 6th, 2023, is pressed on double blue vinyl and includes an expansive 19 tracks. Beyond the original album’s 10 tracks, this edition features the three-song single Secondhand Clothes, the two b-sides from the Beautiful Pigeon single, and four tracks from a November 1992 John Peel session. Complementing the auditory experience, the reissue comes with an 8-page full-color booklet.

Preorder the vinyl version here,

Track Listing:

Side A:

  1. City Poison
  2. Sweetheart
  3. Spaceship Earth
  4. Beautiful Pigeon
  5. Mugshot Heroine

Side B:

  1. Wanderlust
  2. Tar Baby
  3. Seen & Not Heard
  4. Bleach & Salt Water
  5. Little Thing

Side C:

  1. Secondhand Clothes
  2. Blister
  3. Beeside
  4. Home Survival Kit
  5. Drop In The Ocean

Side D (BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session):

  1. Coming
  2. Beautiful Pigeon
  3. Sweetheart
  4. Mugshot Heroine

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