Gender fluid darkwave artist Samantha Glass is sharing their video for “Cruel Anxiety” today. The clip is a surreal black and white collage with Glass’ face superimposed over various abstract textures and shapes.,

The video’s visuals match the dreamlike textures of the hypnotic “Cruel Anxiety,” which through the use of underwater contact mic recordings and warm analog synthesizers evokes a cathartic melody that descends into such murky subterranean depths as to inevitably reach sky.

“As much as night time allows me to express my self through creative processes,” Glass explains, “it can also easily shed light on what anxiety i have about the days to come.”

Samantha Glass—the beautiful, bleak, and evolving persona of Beau Devereaux is releasing their new full length Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint on October 12, 2018​ via Holodeck Records.

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