Bordeaux based darkwave artist  H ø R D, aka Sebastien Carl, has finally released a video for his hauntingly atmospheric track “RFLX”.

While the song was originally released in 2014 on a self-released cassette, the video came to be after Carl met filmmaker Daevina Danyluck in April of 2017 while in Berlin. Danyluck, noticing the absence of a promotional clip for such a brilliant song, asked if she could create a music video for the track.

The (mostly) black and white video, steeped in purposeful noise, soft tension, and acrid anguish, stars Tommy Vowles and Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths). This is the fourth music video directed by Danyluck, who is known for her collaborations with Sally Dige, such as in the videos for “Your Girl” and “Holding On”.

On the video’s themes, Danyluck elaborates:

“Although it’s nice to let the viewer bring their own experience to the videos I make, I would mainly say this one is about the complex feelings we possess when a relationship has ended. We have moved on (perhaps with someone new) but to see an ex-lover pass by also with someone new – it somehow still stings, like being eaten alive.”

H ø R D will release his second full-length album Parallels via Avant! Records on September 14th and has a concert scheduled in Berlin on September 15th at Urban Spree.

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Full Credits:

Music by H ø R D
Production, Concept, Camera, Edit by Daevina Danyluck
Assistance, B-Camera by Sally Dige

Cast (in order of appearance)
Tommy Vowles
Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths)
András G. Varga

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