Paris-based EBM act Poison Point returns with the video for “Ordinary Madness.” The song is featured on the project’s new album Poisoned Gloves, a record that was self-released under the fictional label name,  Scars into Silence on September 1st, 2022.

Poison Point is the darkwave project of Timothee Gainet, a multidisciplined artist who has not been idle since the release of 2019’s Oblivion EP. Gainet is known for his music video production for other artists, as well as his, at times, more techno-driven project IV Horsemen,

While IV Horsemen and Poison Point are overlapping releases right now, with the latter project scheduled to release a new album in November, the new Poison Point album, Poisoned Gloves, has a more 80s-driven sound, with traces of Cabaret Voltaire and peak Depeche Mode via Black Celebration.

The album’s latest single, “Ordinary Madness” is a suspenseful cavalcade of cinematic darkwave beats and shadowy synths highlighting an evolution in sound since the last releases under the Poison Point guise several years ago. The video uses the song’s textured atmosphere as a starting point, with Gainet flickering in a dark silhouette against the static of a television screen, giving way to a barrage of unsettling introspective, and shuddering chaos.

Watch the video for “Ordinary Madness” below:

Poison Gloves is out now.

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