It’s like I’m cut into pieces 

And the feelings I have inside 

No longer belong to me 

French dark synth duo Minuit Machine, now wrapping up their autumn North American tour, are set to release their 4th LP: the surprisingly seductive electronic sound collage of 24. The ominous lead single with a hypnotic tick, “Contradictions,” is a powerfully obsessive ode to an imaginary person to whom we could speak during a daydream. Minuit Machine’s signature dark, dystopian, and futuristic world is put on full display here in both the song and accompanying video.

“The lyrics describe a chaotic way of thinking, both messy and contradictory,” says the band. “They illustrate the ambivalence we sometimes feel when we think about someone we care about and with whom we have a strong bond. This bond creates neurosis, fears, suffocation and consequently, some contradictions. On one hand there’s love, beautiful and unconditional, on the other hand there’s rejection and the need to take some distance. The words used sound like an injunction we could tell the other: love me, but not too much, not too close.”

The cinematic video, directed by CHAOS, details an intense night of chainsmoking anxiety. Watch below:

Instrumentalist Hélène de Thoury (solo project Hante.) and vocalist Amandine Stioui continue to reinvent themselves with this new release; translating their inner questioning and emotions into music, and confronting all obstacles and disappointments life brings. Each track is a self-affirmation, a rallying cry, and an urge to live.

24 is out on November 4th, 2022 through Synth Religion.

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