Don’t take me seriously
I’m just portraying people

Finnish post-punk artist Henrik Pouttu (who hails from Seinäjoki) unleashes a new video for the dramatic “Sinistä”. “Sinistä is the third single and second music video from Henrik Pouttu’s upcoming debut album, Ne tanssivat kuoleman kanssa, coming out sometime in the future.

“Sinistä” describes a moment in Pouttu’s life where his anxiety has once again made him look bad in others’ eyes. The Finnish language lends well to the melancholy track; to non-native speakers of Finnish, the emotions still bleed through with raw humanity. Forward driving, simple bass combines with morose guitar licks to weave a feeling of bittersweetness, but the hopeful synthlines deliver a sliver of optimism.  Pouttu draws influences from The Cure, The Chameleons, and Lowlife, with operatic flourishes straight from the Sisters of Mercy playbook. Inspired by fellow countrymen J. Karjalainen and A. W. Yrjänä, Henrik Pouttu writes his lyrics in Finnish.

The self-directed video clip is simplistic; the feeling of the immediate intimacy of a classic home video.

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