With the last leg of summer upon us, the new compilation from Giallo Disco, Apocalypse Domani, adds a chill to the heat. The compilation that consists of twenty-three new horror disco tracks from established artists on the label, such as WDLV, Neil Landstrumm, and Vercetti Technicolor, are joined by the popular new artists of the genre, Kendal and Pablo Bozzi, who just released on the Berlin-based BITE label.

Emerging like the blind dead from ancient tombs hidden amongst the seemingly lost ruins, connected by ley-lines and mystical signet rings comes twenty-three undead club-hits from across the globe from Giallo Disco alumni past, present and future. Electro meets Dark-Ambient via Low-Motion Techno and styles in-between, Giallo Disco is proud to present a digital only V/A for your late night summer walks or woodland rituals and remember… always aim for the head…

Out tomorrow, August 7th, Apocalypse Domani also features a new track “Ouroboros” by the Colombian via New York City producer, Fiero. After his Rarities & Remixes EP from earlier this year on the SYNTHICIDE label, Fiero provides a haunting track that is both suspenseful and danceable. Listen below:

You can purchase the compilation here.

Ali Renault – Blood Eagle
Ubre Blanca – The Sadist (Part II)
Timothy J Fairplay – Ritualistic Overtones
Bill Ambrose – Active Denial System
Vercetti Technicolor – Porno Holocaust
Mickey Dagger – Lick Your Wounds (Instrumental)
Fiero – Ouroboros
WLDV – Voices Of The Stars
Jorja Chalmers – Amazon Of My Own
Bogdan Dražić – Cyrk II
Kendal – No Surrender
Cha Cha – Clinica Proibita
Dethpakt – Magic Kiss
Neil Landstrumm – Zosey
Repeated Viewing – Backdraft
DKMD – Mirrorball Massacre (Lady Caine Mix)
Collins – Vendetta
Pablo Bozzi – Sleepless Nights
Antoni Maiovvi – Loose Robot
Falckenhaus & Intersnäke – Snacking Pom-Bär In The Swissair First Class Lounge
Timothy Fife – Proles
Rambal Cochet – Deep Forest Skills
David Kristian – The Great Caprini

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