Quiero poder mirarme al espejo
y que ya no sienta otra vez

Ethereal avant-garde artist Luz Futuro (aka Daniel Benavides), hailing from the Canary Islands, has been creating some of the most captivating Spanish post-punk in recent years. A composer dabbling in more experimental electronics, Luz Futuro creates androgynous music influenced by the 80s New Wave, ambient music, and New Romanticism.

His latest song,” Condena,” is a passionate lamentation of self-doubt and the agonies of isolation. Like many of his songs, it is driven by a rapid-fire drum beat, that is juxtaposed with melancholy synths and vocals. This is a song brimming with ardent passion and zeal, exploring an individual grappling with himself and society, condemned with these feelings that exist within a prison of the heart, mind, body, and soul.

Watch the intense and strikingly beautiful video for “Condena,” directed by Simarro Lozano, below:

In 2020 Luz Futuro released his first EP, “Falsos Techos,” and a collaboration album with VVV called “Cólera – Mi Sangre.” In 2021 he also worked with Twin Tribes on their remix album and released the single “Vivir en una Isla.”

Find Luz Futuro’s latest track, “Condena,” on streaming here.

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