Ambient maestro and visual artist Eric Angelo Bessel announces the release of an eerie new single, “Secret Lake”. This haunting instrumental comes from his solo album Visitation, released Friday, April 21, 2023, via Lore City Music.

With its gorgeous, swelling chord progressions, choral elements, and strange key changes, Secret Lake is enchanting yet unnerving, anticipating the unknown and embracing it with trepidation. It hovers in that liminal space between light and shadow. It is the music you hear in your dreams – spirit voices drawing us into a strange, spectral – and wonderfully familiar world. If you fall asleep listening to it, where will it lead you?

Secret Lake’s marshy voyage reveals a lo-fi chamber orchestra and choir before slinking beneath the lily pads,” Bessel explains, cryptically.

The world is full of beautiful mysteries, and “Secret Lake” is where you go fishing for them. One can imagine opening interdimensional portals in the time-space continuum, with this intriguing, blissful five-minute track. The cinematic soundscape dwells in the dimension of Angelo Badalamenti, but with Delia Derbyshire’s guiding hand – and perhaps a whimsical sprinkle of Vic Mizzy and Bruce Haack. We can easily hear the influence of BBC Radiophonic ambience here, creating visions in the imagination with the meandering Mellotron melody.

Listen below:

Composed of eight instrumental songs, Visitation is an atmospheric journey across psychedelic, gothic, and ambient motifs. Tunneling into, and expanding upon nostalgic sounds of the Mellotron and ebowed guitars, Visitation marks the fourth release from Bessel.

Eric Angelo Bessel’s Visitation will be released on April 21 by Lore City Music.

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