Enigmatic Military Pop artist Larme Blanche has unmasked their video for “Paris la Nuit”. The song is a dark ambling minimal synth groove that sees our protagonist, face obscured like a crime-fighting vigilante, traversing the streets of France’s capital city through the dark hours of the night illuminated only by street lights and lamps adorning the edges of canals and alleyways.

On signing Larme Blanche, Unknown Pleasures Records founder Pedro Penas has stated:

“This is the first time in 6 years of Unknown Pleasures Records that I have signed an artist whose I don’t know true face and real identity. Following an exchange of daring and funny mails I wanted to know more, I did make adjustments on some tracks and the final mastering convinced me to publish this sonic UFO because I like the voice, the casual attitude looks like nothing, and I love his lucid and disillusioned lyrics, poetic and irreverent. I think we’ll all be very surprised the day we finally know the true identity of this guy. For now, only his music is enough to make the time and space vibrate while waiting for the end of the world.”

Watch the video for “Paris la nuit” below:

Paris La Nuit is featured on the album Demain Est Mort, which is out on January 20th.

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