The snake apple tree – nightmares are born from the dream
A rise of emotion a sink of the soul
A loving deviation – throw it at the wall

Sailors, let’s face it: navigating the tempestuous waves of romantic love can be a real bitch. No one wants to endure sappy love songs during a particularly miserable breakup. Conscious uncoupling? Please. Sometimes you just wanna throw all those memories into a wicker man to set ablaze in your backyard; sometimes you just want to scream into a pillow or slough it all off once and for all like a shedding snake. Love and devotion be damned, when Aphrodite turns her back on you!

Enter London’s Electric Enemy, an exciting, moody 4-piece (Jim, Orlando, Sara, and Tom) bursting with energetic angst. Their powerful Heartache Melody confronts those uncomfortable feelings that accompany a painful split or stinging rejection. “You will probably return to the bar for another shot of ‘heartache,’ despite swearing ‘never again,’ but this feeling is good while it lasts,” says lead singer/songwriter Jim.

With a rollicking, drum-heavy sound akin to The Killers, Muse, and even a smidgen of a Black Sabbath Ozzy wail, Electric Enemy pinpoints the unsettling confusion of youth within the current zeitgeist. This is earnest, demanding songwriting. The accompanying lyric video, released by the band, pays homage to silent cinema (a la Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis) using clips from the 1910s-20s interspersed with modern footage; a creative juxtaposition to the band’s decidedly modern sound.

“If you are feeling powerless in this literally insane world, we know how you feel: our songs are aimed at dealing with it,” Jim explained to Bring The Noise UK.

Recorded in London with Andy Sheldrake, Heartache Melody is a wider introduction to Electric Enemy’s general style. Following up on recent releases Climb and Save Me, the quartet has been steadfastly climbing in the UK, garnering a solid following, and working on their debut album with producer Sam Miller. The result is gothic indie-pop that “is electrifying in all the right places.”

It’s a treat to see such promise emerging from the UK.

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