Einsturzende Neubauten’s World War I commemorative record “Lament” was released today—and our hats are off to John Robb of Louder Than War for his in depth interview with Professor Bargeld regarding the record and the imminent European tour in support of the work.

’War is something that is always there. It sometimes moves and it sometimes doesn’t move. It is also not something that breaks out, the way people often say, ‘There’s a war breaking outside’. It doesn’t break out like the plague. It’s there. It sometimes moves.’

‘I was very much trying to avoid anything like capturing the sound of war. I very much did not want to fill the equation Einsturzende Neubauten- noise – war. I leave that to Rammstein to do things like that. I wanted to tell a horrible story beautifully and not the other way round.’-Blixa Bargeld

– See more at: http://louderthanwar.com/einsturzende-neubauten-have-just-released-one-of-the-albums-of-the-year-in-depth-interview-with-blixa-bargeld/


We at Post-Punk.com are presenting the Berlin performance of “Lament” on November 11th, for more information go to the event page for this momentous and historic event.





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