Back in 1985 Skinny Puppy were relatively new, having released the limited Back & Forth debut EP in 1984—along with the Remission EP (the first official release on Nettwerk), and the debut LP Bites all within the span of a year.

During this time, the band was considered a side project for Kevin Crompton, who was known at the time as the percussionist for new-wave band Images in Vogue. Crompton would soon don the new moniker cEvin Key and in 1986 leave Images and Vogue and make Skinny Puppy his full time effort—despite the band initially starting out as a fun experimental project with his friend Kevin Ogilvie (who would reverse his first name, and play on this last to come up with the stage name Nivek Ogre):

Watch these 3 classic interviews with the band discussing their origins—featuring Bill Leeb who would leave the band in 1986 in order to form the legendary Industrial/EBM band Front Line Assembly.




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