“Is the pandemic a fever-dream? Was it just a missing span of the calendar? A worm-hole? What would the soundtrack for these missing years be like? Would it be dark and gloomy, bright and hopeful….or, both?”  – Static Phantoms

On this blessed, rare day of twos, Dedric Moore (Monta at Odds) and Krysztof Nemeth (Emmaline Twist) have taken a detour from their usual gigs and joined forces with a new dream-pop outfit, Static Phantoms.

The duo is experimenting with a sparse yet active sound mired in 80s post-punk nostalgia, with copious synth flourishes and a gentle breakbeat, bringing to the forefront the “translucent waking dreams” spoken of in the lyrics. Bringing to mind OMD, New Order, The Wake, and a sprinkle of Kula Shaker, the psychedelic trip spans over thirty years. Static Phantoms take their cues in production from The Glove, Tones on Tail, Tears For Fears, and Soft Cell. They spent the dark days of the pandemic creating songs that ran the gamut of guitar-driven anthems to more synth-laden sounds, from gothic meditations to lounge pop explorations.

“We wanted to pull out the sonic tricks that made the 80’s such a rich period of experimentation,” says Nemeth. ”New Wave and Pop Music were often created by duos or trios that utilized the studio to create a vibrant and massive sound from a minimal amount of core musicians.”

“What makes this project different for me is the ability to explore more of the rock side of New Wave and Post-Punk,” Moore says. “It alters my synth playing and challenges how I approach chords and melodies. I also love sprinkling tasty little bits on the chord progressions that Krysztof came up with. It was freeing not to have to be in charge and just have fun with songs that touched on my inspirations.”

The title track to their upcoming album Bathed In a Blue Light is their first single on the Record Machine label.

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