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The dreamy, pop-friendly withNme is the current musical project of California singer/songwriter Jamie Salazar. Taking inspiration from New Wave of the 1980’s and dream pop of the 90s, Salazar explores a wide range of emotions and tempos. We hear eclectic influences of everyone from Dream Academy to Madonna to The Postal Service in their sound, which weaves synthesizers, electronic drum beats, experimental guitar tones, and bass are all layered together into nostalgic ear candy.

“Right Meow” – both the song and the video – were created in-house at the withNme home studio. The imagery of the video reflects this sound and takes you on an introspective path to finding inspiration and a deeper sense of self in a world of deception and discouragement.

“The philosophical concept of the project is the sound of the individual tapping into the universe,” says Salazar. “The idea that if you look within yourself, you will find that you are just as much a part of the universe as the universe is a part of you.”

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