Carry me
Your hands
Like my promised land

Toronto vocalist |musician Judy Karacs and San Diego musician John Goodman comprise darkwave outfit Ritual Wave. “Carry Me Into” is their third release as a duo since their 2018 inception.

The sensual, slow-burning track is an ethereal meditation, taking atmospheric elements to another level with otherworldly vocals and mysterious, muddled synths.

“When I first heard John’s track it felt like a slowly building dreamscape,” says Karacs. “I really wanted my vocals to match the natural ebb and flow he created. I kept adding layers of breath and vocals till it started to feel like a dark melodic meditation. I think that is why it’s over seven minutes. Cutting any part of it just didn’t feel right, so we left it as it is. The lyrics express feelings of turmoil, love, pain and addiction in an unstable push-pull relationship dynamic.”

“I love the synths, because for me they transport you to an icy, primal place while the bass line provides the contrast of being carried into the warmth of the light,” Goodman adds.

It doesn’t feel quite of this world, and the beautifully-filmed illustrating video reflects this liminal space.

Experience the surreality below:

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