“I can read your mind…”

Canadian synthpop / dreamy – darkwave duo Violentene is standing at the dawn of a new era. Debuting a new vocalist, MVRIJO, the band releases “Delusions”, a new single from their forthcoming EP, Otherworld.

The shimmering new track (and album) marks a turning point from their usual shoegaze sound, moving into a danceable synth/beat realm just this side of synth-pop. Drawing heavily from 80s synth textures and a bittersweet melancholy, “Delusions” is a song that makes you want to move as well as feel introspective. This is complex, emotional songwriting wrapped up in a shining package.

MJ Roland formed Violentene in 2017 as a collaboration with NYC singer/producer Dani Mari (Primitive Heart), releasing Denial and Phantom Youth. Dani left the project in 2019 and MVRIJO stepped into the vocal spot in October 2019.

“The retro synth-driven vibe…now feels fully formed and realized, both musically and with MVRIJO in the forefront,” says Roland. “Working together locally as a duo in the Ottawa area now allows for live shows/touring, which are on the horizon!”

The accompanying video shows the duo in a dizzy, retrofuturistic setting, rife with glitches and vibrant hypercolour – a delusion of the senses; a delusion of space and time.

Otherworld is out October 8, 2021, on all digital platforms and on CD.

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