Dreamy guitar driven Australian post-punk group Pleasure Symbols have debuted their video for “Image Reflected”.

The track is featured on the band’s forthcoming full length record Closer and Closer Apart, set for release on Avant! Records.

The new album follows the project’s self titled debut EP released three years prior—which during the extended break, singer, songwriter, and bassist Jasmine Dunn took time to reflect, regroup,  and regenerate, and then recruit fellow musician Steven Schnorrer.

Now the duo began the push towards a more 80’s inspired post-punk sound with a ‘pop noir’
twist, diverging from the droning minimal wave synth-scapes found on the projects debut.

Self recorded and produced, the result now is a cavernous cavalcade of reverberating guitar with icy vocals, and dream-pop flourishes.

What the video for “Image Reflected” below:

Pleasure Symbols’ Closer and Closer Apart  is out June 2019 through Avant! Records.
Meanwhile the band will be performing at Wave-Gotik Treffen 2019, with more information on a European tour to be announced soon.

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