North Carolina-based band Cor De Lux has released their latest single, “FUTURES”. The post-punk dream-pop band weaves a sonic tapestry of sound and emotion; the atmospheric hooks and Dawn’s effervescent vocals echo Sonic Youth, The Breeders, Fugazi, and the Pixies.

FUTURES follows up the band’s first pre-album single, “Whose Side”, released this past May. all from Cor De Lux’s forthcoming sophomore album, M E D I A. Cor De Lux is comprised of guitarist Tim Lusk, guitarist/vocalist Dawn Moraga, drummer/vocalist Dana Quinn, and bassist John Bliven, who are currently recording base tracks for the album in their personal practice space in the Outer Banks (Kill Devil Hills, NC). For album production, up-and-coming sound engineer Soundpony (Rena Nicole Kozak/Child Actress) of Studio Saint Zo in Montreal, PQ, is mixing the album. For mastering, they have been working with Simon Scott (Slowdive).

Cor De Lux grew out of the tight-knit music scene of North Carolina’s Outer Banks in 2018. The band found each other by chance over a conversation about a love of music between its two founding members (guitarist Tim Lusk, and guitarist and vocalist, Dawn Moraga), while Moraga waited for a phone repair (in Tim’s shop). Realizing that they had so much in common (musical tastes, musician friends), this turned out to be the catalyst for their band’s formation. In late 2018, Lusk and Moraga added musicians and friends from the local scene to complete their lineup.

“We hit it off during our first practice. It’s hard to explain, other than, we didn’t want it to end,” says Moraga. Their music, a mixture of post-punk and shoegaze, has earned their sound the tongue-in-cheek nickname referred to by friends and members of the band alike, as, a kind of… ‘Shoe-Gazi,’ (a cross between shoegaze and Fugazi).

The band’s first two singles have featured artwork by Tim Lahan and Daniel Murphy. Supporting local artists is very important to the band, as well, so they have chosen Outer Banks, NC, artist Travis Fowler to design their forthcoming album artwork for “M E D I A.”

The spacey, expansive track is accompanied by a new surrealist video created with stock footage.

FUTURES is also available for digital download on Bandcamp.

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