The immensely talented Kennedy Ashlyn, also known as the mastermind behind SRSQ, is spinning her sorrow into proverbial gold: her multi-octave voice belts soulful anthems of redemption from struggle continue to pack an emotional blow with each stirring note.

The rekindling of a dying flame fuels the fire for her powerful new single, “Used To Love”. “It’s about mourning a thing you have not yet lost but can feel slipping away,” Ashlyn reveals. “It’s simultaneously very personal, yet universally relevant as we all seek to hold on to our most precious people and moments.” The track comes off her forthcoming album via Dais Records, Ever Crashing.

Listen below:

After being diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder, Ashlyn underwent a profound personal overhaul. These periods of turmoil operated as a muse. “Songs begin to echo within me, gradually reverberating clearer and more vividly,” she says. “As melodies and arrangements come into focus, the songs act like containers, vessels in which to externalize and exorcise tumultuous emotions.”

The complexity of Ashlyn’s songwriting is staggering: all tracks were written and played solely by the artist. The album was produced/mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zola Jesus).

Ever Crashing refers to the recurring sensation of being trapped in the crest of a wave, turned and churned in the surf, mirroring the cycles of self-flagellation and surrender that she battles being bipolar. Music becomes, instead, a form of energetic transmutation and exquisite catharsis. Ashlyn’s remarkable vocals, hovering somewhere in the ether between Kate Bush and The Sundays, takes these emotions and crafts intense, stirring dream pop.
Ever Crashing comes out on the 19th of August on vinyl and across all digital platforms. You can pre-order or pre-save here.
SRSQ just wrapped her EU/UK tour with Riki, closing the itinerary out at WGT in Leipzig, and plans to tour North America later in the year, stay tuned for updates.

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