Drab Majesty have surprised fans with the majestic new single “Ellipsis” off of the project’s forthcoming new album Modern Mirror—the follow up to 2017’s album of the year The Demonstration.

The new song is bright, dancey, and warm, whirling around in its own humanity, quite in contrast to the more alien narrative explored within the lyrical content of The Demonstrations musings on the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult.

According the the album’s press release, the song “romantically plays up the distorted concept of courting through modern technology in a world that has yet to adapt.”

If you were to explain the emotions expressed in “Ellipsis” in meme form, you might reference Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where Peppard says “I Love You” in one panel, and the next is Hepburn shielded by her sunglasses with the caption “Seen at 8:43”.

But the song is even more literal than that, referring to the ellipsis dancing slowly upon the Messenger™ screen as we await a response that takes seemingly ages to come.

Watch the video, directed by Thomas McMahan and edited by Jean Renault below:

On Modern Mirror, mastermind Deb Demore and collaborator Mona D are using the myth of Ovid’s “Narcissus” to explore the age we are currently living in within “the cautious instruction of Greek mythology and modern science fiction.”

Sonically taking cues from the classic mid 80’s works of New Order and The Cure, Modern Mirror is “a journey of self-reflection, nostalgia, love, beauty, and heartbreak told across eight addictive and emotional synth pop anthems – a seemingly classic tale delivered unblinkingly through the frame of the modern world.”

The album is produced by Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and mastered by Dave Cooley, with appearances by Jasamine White-Gluz (No Joy) and Justin Meldal-Johnson (NIN, Beck, M83, Air). Packaging and design by Juan Mendez of Jealous God/Silent Servant. Photography by Nedda Afsari (Muted Fawn).

First edition pressing on of the album is available on 45 RPM hi-fi double LP, packaged in 24pt sturdy wide spine reverse board jacket with two reverse board euro sleeve lyric inserts. The CD Edition comes packaged in classic clear jewel case inside a spined reverse board slip-case with lyric booklet.

Modern Mirror is due out July 12th.

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Modern Mirror track listing

  1. Dialogue
  2. The Other Side
  3. Ellipsis
  4. Noise Of The Void
  5. Dolls In The Dark
  6. Oxytocin
  7. Long Division
  8. Out Of Sequence

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